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Honda Service

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At Avery Greene Honda, we believe that your interaction with our dealership desn't have to stop after you buy a car. Avery Greene Honda maintains an expert service department that provides everything from routine maintenance to detailed repairs on all Honda vehicles as well as other models. Whether your car, truck or SUV needs a simple procedure, such as an oil change or tire rotation, or a more detailed fix, Avery Greene Honda's friendly service staff is here to assist you!

Avery Greene Honda makes scheduling service easy! Just contact our service department at (707) 551-3201 or schedule a service appointment online! Also be sure to check out website regularly to take advantage of our service specials!


Phone  707-551-3200
Fax  707-551-3251
Languages spoken: English
Time at Avery Greene Honda: 11 years
Best thing about working here: The staff is great to work with,
and building relationships with my customers.
Personal mission statement: Integrity comes first! Always.


Phone  (707) 551-3200
Fax  (707) 551-3251


Phone  (707) 551-3200
Fax  (707) 551-3251
Time at Avery Greene: over 10 years
Best thing about working here: Being part of a company I am proud of, selling and servicing a product I love and trust.
Personal Mission Statement: To provide excellent customer service in a trusting, friendly, comfortable manner. It is very important to me to know my customers leave here completely satisfied with the service they received from Avery Greene Honda.


Phone  707-551-3200
Fax  707-551-3251
Age: 46
Time at Avery Greene Honda: over 13 years
Best thing about working here: My work is challenged and varied, the environment is pleasant and supportive, and I love the fact that I am helping to promote growth in the company.
Personal Mission Statement: I am committed to living a balanced life with understanding and open-mindedness. I value compassion and caring for all people, including myself, paying particular attention to my family and closest friends. With this being said, I am very much a team player in the work world. I define personal success as being consistent in whatever I do.

Roberto Cuellar

Phone  (707) 551-3200
Fax  (707) 551-3251

Nicole Corbin

Business Development Manager
Time at Avery Greene Honda: 1 year
Best thing about working here: Great team and wonderful customers!
Personal mission statement: To excel in my job and live up to my title. To continue to grow daily as an employee and train my staff to follow in my footsteps. To be the best at helping Avery Greene Honda to evolve.

Verneese Reyes

Business Development Associate
Languages spoken: English, Tagalog
Best thing about working here: The best thing about working here at
Avery Greene Honda is that our employees have the same goals…business.
Personal mission statement: To dedicate myself and take ownership
of each call, manage each request correctly, and to satisfy our customers efficiently.

Loreine Marajo

Business Development Associate
Best thing about working here: The work environment of people around.
Personal mission statement: To try and satisfy customers' needs and build a career here at Avery Greene.

Jane Biagtas

Business Development Associate
Age: 22
Best thing about working here: The friendly staff and customers. 
Personal mission statement: To provide friendly and efficient customer service over the phone.

Karen Evasco

Languages spoken: English, Tagalog
Time at Avery Greene Honda: 1 year
Best thing about working here: The people I get to work with
Personal mission statement: Improve my customer service
skills and enhance my ability to do more than I can.

Carolyn Tiaro

Languages spoken: English
Best thing about working here: The people and work environment
Personal mission statement: To gain more experience.

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