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Buying vs. Leasing | Avery Greene Honda | Vallejo, CA

Why Buy – Buying vs. Leasing

When shopping around for a vehicle, you not only have to be concerned with finding the vehicle that best meets your needs, but what the best finance option is for you and your family. The two main finance options are to buy your vehicle or to lease it. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but ultimately, buying has a handful of benefits to consider.

Ownership with no strings attached

One of the biggest advantages to buying a vehicle is that there are no restrictions placed upon you or your driving. You won’t have to worry about a mileage restriction, cosmetic upkeep requirements, or any other limits on what you can do with your vehicle. Mileage restrictions are especially bothersome, as they may restrict the trips you are able to take. If you go over on mileage, you will have to pay a fee for every extra mile you drive.

Make changes as you see fit

With a leased vehicle, you are prohibited from making any changes or modifications to your vehicle. You cannot customize your vehicle to meet your needs to nearly the same degree.

More cost-effective than leasing

When you purchase a vehicle, all auto payments go directly towards owning more of your vehicle’s value. Leasing, on the other hand, forces you to pay for your vehicle without acquiring any of your vehicle’s value over time. By the end of your lease agreement, you will have put a significant amount of money into your vehicle and have nothing to show for it.

Sell the car when you see fit

Buying a new vehicle is a significant investment, and you should be satisfied with what the vehicle offers to you. However, if you decide that you need a vehicle that better meets your needs and want to sell your current vehicle, ownership lets you do that without restriction.

If you’re in the market to buy a new car, stop by Avery Greene Honda. We have all of the latest models, and our sales team can answer your questions and help set you up on a test drive.

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