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The Importance of Getting Your Honda's Air Filters Replaced | Vallejo, CA

Your Honda needs regular maintenance so it can run safely and efficiently. It’s especially important to get the vehicle’s air filters changed according the schedule in your owner’s manual. Without clean air filters, your engine will be affected by pollutants and particles — and so will you and your passengers.

Engine air filter replacement

Your engine needs clean air to operate at its best — and that’s where the engine air filter comes in. This filter is positioned so it can capture dust, dirt, and a long list of other harmful particles that would otherwise contaminate your engine.

Over time, your engine air filter will get clogged with all the nasty stuff it’s designed to catch. And at a certain point, it will no longer be effective at cleaning the air that enters your engine. A dirty air filter can cause problems like lagging acceleration, poor fuel efficiency, and increased emissions. However, replacing the clogged filter with a clean one will keep your vehicle running smoothly and help your engine last longer.

How dirty is too dirty? And how often does your engine air filter need to be changed? Start by checking the schedule in your owner’s manual. If you’re still not sure, replacing the filter every 15,000-30,000 miles is a good general guideline. Fortunately, engine air filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace — and we’ll be happy to do the job for you at Avery Greene Honda!

Cabin air filter replacement

Your engine needs clean air to function, and so do you! Your Honda’s cabin air filter protects the heating and air conditioning system and ensures that the air you’re breathing inside the vehicle is clean and safe.

Without the cabin air filter, you’d breathe in exhaust fumes, pollen, mold, and many other pollutants that would be bad for your body. The cabin air filter also keeps your car’s interior smelling fresh and keeps debris from clogging the HVAC system.

Cabin air filters should be replaced a little more frequently than engine air filters, but check the manual for specifics about the model you drive. Like engine air filters, cabin air filters are easy to replace and don’t cost a ton of money.

Have questions about your vehicle’s air filters? Contact our service team at Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, California. We’ll be happy to check out your car and make sure you and your engine are both breathing easy.



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