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Eco-Friendly Honda Cars
When it comes to the environment, Honda models are designed to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. Efficient engineering, lightweight design, and advanced technologies all help make Honda one of the greenest companies on the market. Over the past decade, Honda has built an impressive lineup of efficient cars that help you save money at the gas pump and reduce auto-related greenhouses gasses. Read on for some more information on eco-friendly Honda cars!

Hydrogen Power

Honda’s lineup provides three basic alternative fuel options for drivers. The first is hydrogen power, one of the newest technologies made available commercially. Hydrogen-powered vehicles use fuel cells filled with liquid hydrogen to generate electricity. This technology, while still very new to the auto market, is innovative in its low emissions and its potential for renewable energy sources.

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle is one of the first hydrogen-powered vehicles. This five-passenger zero-emissions vehicle has a range of over 300 miles and can refuel in less than five minutes. Aside from only emitting water, this model is also incredibly sleek, with a stunning aerodynamic design and all of the latest amenities.

Battery Power

Battery-powered cars are all electric–simply plug in, charge, and drive away. Battery cars, like hydrogen vehicles, completely eradicate the need for gasoline. Drivers who choose this technology opt for electricity costs over gasoline costs, which could result in plenty of savings. Battery vehicles also produce significantly fewer greenhouse gasses.

Battery-powered electric vehicles include models such as the Fit EV. This all-electric compact model uses no gas and produces zero emissions. You won’t believe how enjoyable and affordable it is to drive this eco-friendly Fit with its 132 MPGe combined.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid models use a combination of both gasoline and electricity for fuel. The hybrid category of cars can be separated further into two categories: plug-in or regular hybrid. Hybrids increase fuel economy by storing electricity until it can be used to replace power generated from gasoline, like when you start moving or when you pass. Hybrids are the most widely available and affordable eco-friendly cars on the market today.

Hybrid Hondas include the AccordPlug-in, Accord Hybrid, and the Civic Hybrid, among others. The Accord Plug-in lets you charge your vehicle’s battery, optimizing electric power. Not only is this model reliable, but you get up to 132 MPGe behind the wheel. The Accord Hybrid generates power through regenerative braking and a small motor. You can supplement gas power with electric power when accelerating, giving you up to 50 highway mpg.

Want to learn more about alternative fuel options? Contact Avery Greene Honda today to meet with a salesperson to discuss available vehicles. Our team will work hard to help you find the exact vehicle you’re looking for. You can also browse our new and used car inventory to view the hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles we currently have in stock! Avery Greene Honda is happy to serve Vallejo, Napa, American Canyon, and Fairfield.

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