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Signs Your Honda Needs New Brakes | Vallejo, CA

Your Honda’s brakes work hard to keep you safe as you drive — but eventually their components will wear out and need to be replaced. If you notice any of these warning signs during your travels around Vallejo and the Bay Area, bring your vehicle to Avery Greene Honda right away so we can fix your brake system and ensure your vehicle’s safety!

Squealing or scraping noises

Over time, your brake pads will wear down — and once they do, you’ll probably hear a squealing sound indicating that they need to be replaced. If your brake pads are especially worn and neglected, you could also hear a nasty scraping noise when you use the brakes. In both cases, bring your vehicle in right away for new brake pads.

Pulling to one side

If your Honda pulls to one side as you brake, you might have unevenly worn brake pads. This could also point to a more serious problem like a fluid leak or a bad brake caliper. Whatever the issue may be, it’s vital to get it looked at and repaired right away!

Vibrating break pedal

If your brake pedal vibrates when you use it, it’s usually bad news for your braking system. This symptom could be caused by a bad brake rotor or calipers, worn brake pads, or even an issue with your vehicle’s suspension.

Poor response and stopping time

Does your brake pedal feel soft or mushy when you step on it? Does it take you longer to bring the vehicle to a stop even when you’re braking as hard as you can? Don’t delay—make an appointment for brake maintenance. Your brake rotors or pads could be worn out, or there could be a serious problem with leaking brake fluid.

Brake warning light

If your Honda’s brake warning light comes on, it could indicate a variety of issues that need to be addressed. Drive cautiously and consult the owner’s manual as soon as possible to find out what the light means.

If you’ve noticed any of these brake warning signs, it’s time to visit Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, California! Our expert service technicians will make any needed repairs, install new brake components, and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive again.


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