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Why Buy Used from Avery Greene Honda?
Why Buy Used Cars in Vallejo, CA

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You might think there’s no reason to buy a used car if you can afford the higher price tag of a new one. New cars certainly have a lot to offer, like all those shiny new features. But there are plenty of advantages to purchasing a used car, and a pre-owned vehicle can be a better option for a car buyer.


Depreciation is one of the biggest concerns of buying a new car. A new car loses a lot of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot, and vehicles depreciate by almost 50% on average in the first three years of ownership. If you buy a used car that’s even two or three years old, you’ve missed the bulk of the vehicle’s depreciation, so you’re paying a lot less for it than for the new model. There’s a good chance you can get more of your money back if you decide to trade your used car in or sell it further down the line.

Similar Features

It’s also important to realize that used cars from the last few years will have a lot of the same safety and luxury features as brand new ones. They might not have a fancy tablet screen built into the dashboard, but for the most part, you might not miss anything revolutionary with a used car. Want a good tip to determine whether big changes to a vehicle have taken place? Check for the vehicle’s last redesign. If it’s been a few years since a complete vehicle overhaul, there’s a safe bet that only a few features have been swapped out at the most.

Lower Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are typically lower on used cars since they’re less expensive to replace, too. You’ll save money all over the place with used cars in places you might not expect—it doesn’t stop at the lower initial price.


It’s also important to remember that cars from the last few years really are built to last. Used cars from the last five years have significantly fewer problems than cars from the previous five years, and proper, regular maintenance can keep cars on the road for many more miles than you’d expect.

Be sure to check out Avery Greene Honda’s wide used car selection that spans plenty of different makes and models! If you’re in the market for a reliable pre-owned car, truck, SUV or minivan, contact our friendly sales staff today – we’ll help you find the best car to suit your lifestyle needs. You can also check out our selection of Certified Pre-Owned Honda vehicles for an added guarantee that your used car will last!
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