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Honda Dashboard Warning Lights | Vallejo, CA

Your Honda is equipped with its own maintenance warning system for your convenience. You’ll notice these dashboard warning lights when you turn the ignition. Do you know what each light means? Read on to learn about the common Honda warning lights. With this guide you’ll be set to get your Honda the proper maintenance it needs if you ever notice that one of these lights is staying on.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This light indicates that one of more of the tires on your Honda vehicle has low air pressure. Check your car’s tires and fill with air as needed for optimum efficiency and safety.

Low Oil Pressure

When you see the light that’s shaped like a little oil can, you’ll know that there’s something going on with the oil in your Honda. In many cases, the low oil pressure light means that you are low on oil, so you should pull over immediately to check levels and top it off if necessary.

Brake Light

A brake warning light might just be on to let you know that you have your Honda’s parking brake on. If you’ve checked and the parking brake is not on, then this light could be telling you that there’s low brake fluid or something wrong with your brake system. If this is the case, bring your Honda into Avery Greene Honda as soon as possible.

Charging System

If your Honda shows the light that looks like a battery, it’s trying to tell you that there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s charging system. Have your Honda checked out to a dead battery in the near future.

Electric Power Steering

A light that looks like a steering wheel next to an exclamation point is there to tell you there is something wrong with your Honda’s power steering system. For safety purposes, you should pull over as soon as you can and restart your Honda.

If you have a light on your dashboard that’s troubling you, bring your car into Avery Greene Honda and we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of.

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